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Five delicious Continental cheeses, crackers and quince paste.


  • Brie de Meaux
  • Comté
  • 1924
  • Gubbeen
  • Quesos y Besos or Bonde du Poitou
  • Sheridan's mixed seed crackers
  • Quince paste


Our Continental medium selection may feature the 2021 world cheese of the year  - Quesos y Besos - which translated means 'cheese & kisses' from Olavidia in Southern Spain. With a delicate layer of rosemary ash running through the centre of this delicate goats' cheese it's easy to taste why it beat off 3,400 other cheeses for its world's best status or the stunning French Bonde du Poitou, argueably one of the most classic French goat's cheeses but surprisingly difficult to find in the UK. To compliment the goat's cheese , we have selected four stunning European cheeses in - French Brie de Meaux; the alpine classic Comté (our Comté is aged for 18-24 months so is packed with flavour); Gubbeen, an Irish washed-rind cheese made in West Cork, Ireland and the lesser known 1924 (original recipe Roquefort made with both cow's and sheep's milk).  Also included are a box of Irish Sheridan's mixed seed crackers and a slice of quince paste (or as the Spanish would call it Membrillo). approx 1.275kg of cheese which is a cheese course for 10-12 people or a tasty supper for 8. 

Continental cheese medium selection

  • If you want your medium Continental cheese selection gift wrapped in a hamper box, please select hamper gift wrapping, otherwise your selection will be in a branded Gershon & Sons paper bag. 

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