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How We Got Here

A lifelong love of cheese started with an early memory - eating cheese and Branston pickle on crackers with apples on windy Cornwall beaches for family holidays in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Eating cheese is always something associated with happy times with family and friends - who doesn't love a good cheeseboard and glass or two of wine. 

In early 2022 the famous site of the Haddons' Pharmacy became available to rent in Old Amersham and the beautiful apothecary cabinets were calling out for their next chapter and a new owner. With a history spanning back to the 16th Century, mostly as a pharmacy, 38 High Street has a fascinating story (of which you can learn more over the road in the Amersham Museum). The Haddons family believed in making Amersham 'feel better' a spirit Gershon & Sons intends to carry forward by helping our customers to 'feel better through eating better' and spending their time eating in the company of their loved ones. 

With a family heritage that spans across Europe from Ukraine to Vienna to the wilds of Yorkshire, Gershons have always loved food and happy family time. In more recent times our family has blended to include Irish, Spanish, Italian and even Japanese, all of which influences the choices of cheese, wine, spirits and tasty treats we have chosen for you,  our customers, to savour and enjoy. 

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