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Cakes of Cheese

Stunning Scrumptious Stylish

Winter wedding cake of cheese landscape.heic

Winter Wedding of Cake of Cheese

This four tiered cake combines chunks of Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, with wedding cake favourite Cornish Yarg, Cashel Blue from Tipperary in Ireland and topped with a baby Baron Bigod. Three types of crackers and two chutneys. Approximate price £275

Summer Stunner

This five tiers, six cheeses cake of cheese is designed to wow both the eyes and the taste buds. Chunks of mature Pitchfork cheddar house creamy ripe brie de meaux in the bottom tier. Followed by Cornish Yarg, local Witheridge from the Nettlebed Creamery (26 miles from the shop), a whole Colston Basset hand ladled stilton and delicate Eve's goat's cheese as the top tier. Cake is surrounded by six types of crackers, figs, grapes and locally grown summer herbs. Approximate price £500

Summer stunning cake of cheese.jpg
Berry Delicious cake of cheese.jpg

Berry Delicious

Use of berries and leaves really creates the dazzle factor in this four tier cake of cheese. Resting on a base tier of Cornish Yarg, a whole Witheridge (local organic hard cheese rolled in hay), then half a Colston Basset hand ladled stilton and topped with a Fougere Brebis. Dressed with rosemary,  sage, cranberries and redcurrants.Approximate price £350

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